Eterno Ivica


  • Acoustic Wall Panels


  • via Austria 25 E
  • Padua
  • 35127
  • Italy

Eterno Ivica produces, in Italy, 10 lines of products: supports for raised flooring, substructures for outdoor decking, accessories for flat roofs waterproofing and liquid systems for sewage water, equipment for installation, acoustic silencers and ventilation for rooms, services and products for sound-absorption and sound-insulation, silent ventilation and aeration.

PHONOLOOK is the innovative product line of Eterno Ivica dedicated to solving problems
related to the low acoustic comfort of indoor environments. In indoor environments, acoustic
comfort plays a fundamental role in ensuring an adequate performance of any recreational
activity, whether individual or group activity. Often characterized by highly reflective materials, such as glass, plaster, marble and concrete, these spaces do not guarantee a
correct and homogeneous distribution of sound, which turns into annoying reverberation
penalizing the functionality of the spaces themselves. So that sound-absorbing materials
become of fundamental importance for talking and listening in a comfortable way.
Capable of absorbing and correcting sounds primarily at medium and high frequencies -
between 250 Hz and 4000 Hz - these materials improve internal acoustic performance, reducing reverberation and improving speech intelligibility.