Codutti Furniture srl

Commercial Furniture

  • Boardroom / Conference Furniture

  • Desks & Tables

  • Office Furniture

  • Pedestals & Cabinets

  • Seating Solutions


  • Via Bonavilla 34, Passons
  • Pasian Di Prato
  • Udine
  • 33037
  • Italy

Codutti: design solutions for highline offices and attention for detail learned from 65 years of experience. Executives, operatives, chairs, partition walls, receptions: all made in Italy collections that mix craftsmanship, technology innovation and high quality materials. Codutti is at your side to give you customised solutions that go beyond your expectations.

Your office shows who you are, what your journey is and your principles are.
Comfort, technology and functionality: all contribute to your wellness and make easier those tasks that see you as the main actor in your daily business life. We at Codutti have been both craftsmen and industrialists since 1954; we create design solutions for the highline office, paying the attention for the detail we have learned from more than sixty years of experience with the made in Italy production and design. It’s for companies, for professionals and contract projects, also on global markets. All our collections - from the executive to the operative office, from the chairs to the partition walls - are born from the union between craftsmanship and technology innovation, and standout thanks to high quality level and care for details, which has always been the main distinction of the Codutti brand. We believe flexibility is an added value: we take in your project requests and stand at your side to give you customized solutions that go beyond your expectations. A unique appealing office that excites you day after day.