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  • 16th Floor, Control Tower, Motor City.
  • Dubai
  • 7070
  • United Arab Emirates

Graphic International Centre, Fellowes and Haider bring state-of-the-art ergonomic solutions. Fellowes Brands, a global leader of workspace ergonomic solutions, presents a wide range of new products - height adjustable desks, sit-stand platforms, monitor arms and value-added ergonomic accessories. Haider Biowsing® brings innovative seating solutions based on intelligent 3D.

We are the Fellowes family. We believe the workspace should be an optimal environment for a personal pursuit of meaningful work. We are bonded by a century long commitment to creating workspace solutions that communicate care and respect, and we believe that with the right tools, everyone has the ability to fully harness their potential.
Everything that carries the Fellowes name is a promise of quality, performance, innovation and outstanding customer service.
More productive.
Fellowes is committed to making your workstation more dynamic, comfortable and effortlessly productive.
Be the best you can be. Our products enable you to go beyond just working better.
More efficient.
Our products encourage efficiency and seamlessly integrate into your workspace.
We believe that office equipment should do more than improve your performance; it should improve your health.

With passion for health, ergonomics and people’s well-being, HAIDER BIOSWING® brings ground-breaking, innovative seating solutions based on the intelligent 3D Seating System®, which is just like working with a personal trainer. Individually aligned to people, it activates brain, nerves, muscles and joints.

Where rigid joints between device and floor were previously the norm, there is now a patented, pendulum-like element with precisely defined damping that is able to reflect the body’s rhythmical cycles, continuously and with great effect.

The adaptive 3D seat mechanism in BIOSWING system decouples and reflects the movement impulses of the human body as it sits – precisely and consistently.